The Delegate Series

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Glyphs: The Scribe eBook cover imageGlyphs: The Scribe

Cyndie Shaffstall’s new historical fiction is based upon the legends of Peru’s Inca and Wira gods and the theories of modern-day ancient astronaut theorists concerning their origins. You will be transported through the ages to join the Wira people in the trials and tribulations of establishing their new home in the sanctuary on the hill, Sacsayhuamán.

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Chaos: The Oracle ebook cover imageChaos: The Oracle

The voice of Zeus dims with the impious assertions, and the oracle struggles to continue to hear his prophesies as requested by the Macedonian king, Alexander III. The teachings of her mentor and friend, Pythia, the greatest oracle of all time, are challenged and maintaining her faith becomes more difficult in the devastating wake of Alexander’s conquests.

A complex tapestry woven of overlapping stories from Greek mythology, Greek history, and the conquests of Alexander the Great; Chaos richly illustrates and breathes life into the ancient world.

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Willows: The Creole Number 1 Best Seller coverWillows: The Creole — An Amazon #1 Bestseller!

The Arceneaux family has a long history of falling victim to circumstance, but heir to the family home, one woman is determined the legacy will end with her. Embroiled in the fleecing of New York’s bridge funds, she is offered a new life in New Orleans, but what she finds is an abandoned house, a fractured family, and an oppressed people. Determined, she confronts the challenges head on, but soon realizes change is not something needed only for her, but for many.

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Glyphs: The Scribe eBook cover imageSeed Money: The Entrepreneur

Cyndie Shaffstall wraps science fiction around the mystery of a near-future conspiracy where engineers, inventors, and business people alike scramble to develop a solution before the world’s population is completely wiped out by an irradiated atmosphere. The chosen solution became a temporary fix at best. By 2062, we are burdened by the weight of unchecked population growth and global warming has reduced our inhabitable space by half. The Government Reorganization and Realignment Effort enables one group of brilliant young designers to reclaim some of the ever-shrinking space—but bringing it to market exposes manipulation and corruption on a devastating, worldwide scale. [Adult content]

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Neune—The Delegate imageNeune: The Delegate

Relegated to inhabit the atmosphere surrounding its own planet, the Neune existed for thousands of years before the humanoids came. It takes many more before it can communicate with the Whales, an intelligent lifeform that uses song as the basis of a complex language. A bond is formed of shared interests in the vast universe and the many universes beyond that. Together they seek planets with atmospheres capable of supporting the Whales and a place they can study and learn.

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A Few Things You’ll Be Needing to Know

Set in the Palindrome Trading Ring universe created by Gary Loffler and Cyndie Shaffstall, A Few Things You’ll Be Needing to Know is the story of a ring of twenty terraformed planets, habitats, and a Dyson Ring visited every twenty years by a passing trader ship. Humans have been given the tools to visit and live on these worlds, but the knowledge of how to build those tools has been withheld by the Neune and Whales. Two thousand years after their first meeting, Humans are just beginning to understand the influence the two alien species have exerted on Earth’s history

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