A New Novel by Cyndie Shaffstall

Seed Money ebookBy 2062, we’ve made a real mess of things. Though engineers, inventors, and business people alike scrambled to develop a solution before we were completely wiped out by an irradiated atmosphere, global warming reduced our inhabited space by half. The chosen solution became a temporary fix at best as it was burdened by the weight of unchecked population growth.

With our workplace neutered by the Genderless Act, frustration grew and we came to embrace trystrooms where anything goes, everything is enjoyed, and it’s all kept secret by the Privacy Act.

Today, innovation and businesses thrive in an environment where unemployment and poverty have been eliminated, due largely to the Government Reorganization and Realignment Effort and business fostered by the GRRE enables one group of brilliant young designers to reclaim some of the ever-shrinking space—but bringing it to market exposes manipulation and corruption on a devastating, worldwide scale.


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Glyphs: The Scribe iPad cover imageWiraqucha, the creator god, loves and will not destroy the people and empire he has created, so he appoints others to watch over his creations while he continues his explorations of the heavens and the earth. After one hundred years, his appointed custodians must return to their home in the sky, leaving the people of the Wira Empire without the daily presence of those they believe protect them.

In accordance with this and other prophesies, and almost all at once, the Wira Empire loses their sun god, Inti, who succumbs to the ravages of the human form as Wiraqucha plans to flood the village in order to protect it as a place of rest for his future visits.

Pascac, son of Inti, leads villagers to safety in Sacsayhuamán, the sanctuary overlooking Qusqu—the capital city built by the god of civilization, Manqu Qhapaq. Despite their will to live and prosper, those things may not be within the grasp of the new settlers. Supay, the god of death, and other gods rage against them— seemingly intent upon wiping out the entire civilization and those who rule them.

Through it all, the scribe, one of only a few who knows the ancient art of glyph drawing, endures hardship and tragedy to fulfill her life’s purpose of recording history and creating books for the Wira descendants so they will know the story of how they came to be.

Cyndie Shaffstall’s new historical fiction is based upon the legends of Peru’s Inca and Wira gods and the theories of modern-day ancient astronaut theorists concerning their origins. You will be transported through the ages to join the villagers in the trials and tribulations of establishing their new home in the sanctuary on the hill.

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Coming: 05/25/15

Willows: The Creole iPad cover imageThe right to vote is not about race or gender; it is about people.

The Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution freed slaves, the Fourteenth declared them naturalized citizens, and the Fifteenth gave all men the right to vote— intentionally and purposefully excluding women. Violence and intimidation, however, prevented many from exercising their newfound privilege and portend the overwhelming challenges women face, even if they do finally gain suffrage. One woman in particular is determined to find ways to influence change and empower the subjugated, no matter who they are.

An abandoned house, a fractured family, and repressed people—it’s a journey of more than a hundred fifty years, set in the deep south of Louisiana, and in a family coming to terms with their own race and repression issues.

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