Elevating your company’s position in Facebook and Bing

The thumbs-up symbol is making a comeback on web sites the world over. The Facebook like button is a social plug-in available from Facebook that web designers can integrate into sites thus enabling visitors to recommend the site to their Facebook network. There are a number of options for integrating this button into a site, but once done, the like button can no only elevate a site’s position in the Facebook search results, but can affect Bing results as well.

The like button is an easy way to recommend or endorse a site to one’s Facebook network. The recommendation will elevate a site’s position in the search-engine results. As you create marketing campaigns, be sure to include the like button in both your emails and on your landing pages. In fact, including the like button on every page of your site is not too much. When you make Facebook postings about your company, the like button is automatically included, but having the posting link to a targeted landing page that also includes the like button is important as well.

Under a new agreement with Bing, these recommendations go even further.

Studies show that search-engine users are much more likely to choose a company that has been recommended by a friend. With this in mind, the partnership between Bing and Facebook means that search results may well include recommendations by made by a visitors’ Facebook network who have clicked the like button.

The option is not automatic — a Bing user must log in to their Facebook account from the Bing search engine. Bing’s search results already include Facebook and LinkedIn postings, but this new feature takes it all much further.

If you don’t already have a Facebook site for your company, now’s the time. Adding this plug-in will optimize your efforts by promoting your site through Bing — without the expense of pay-per-click advertising.