4 easy ideas for tracking offline sales in your online analytics

Are you frustrated by what seem to be low conversion rates in your online store? Before you throw in the towel and hire gurus to analyze your business processes from the top down, try implementing a few best practices for converging those online browsers with offline shoppers.

  1. Ask people visiting your brick-and-mortar location to join your mailing list. Be sure to ask them how they heard of you or what prompted that visit. These answers should help you to identify those shoppers who went online first and then came to your store.
  2. Add QR codes to EVERY marketing campaign and ensure that each code leads to a targeted landing page so that you can accurately track the source of the visit.
  3. Add a link to an online survey with a prize drawing to your store receipts that invites your shoppers to provide feedback about their shopping experience. Here again, don’t forget to ask what prompted them to visit your store.
  4. Launch a customer-loyalty campaign that provides your customers with discounts or accumulates points for discounts when they provide their customer number (online) or present their card (offline). With these unique customer numbers, you can merge the online and offline (nonline) data.

The more of these ideas you implement simultaneously, the more accurate your final data will be, but don’t stop here. Thee are probably hundreds, maybe thousands, of ways you can shed light on your nonline world.