John Alderman Plantation overseer.
Abraham Arceneaux Small boy who tends to the horse.
Adele Arceneaux Clement’s wife.
Aimee Arceneaux Narrator’s great-great grandmother.
Antoine, Guillaume, Etienne, Olivier, René, and Xavier Arceneaux Bosa’s sons.
Bosa Arceneaux Mulatto common-law wife of François.
Clement Arceneaux Often the spokesman of the black workers on the plantation.
David, Jack, Joseph, Clement, George, Henry, Frank, Oliver, Peter, Isham, Joe, Ned, Eddo, Ben, Landon, Bob, Abraham, Chester, and Tom Arceneaux Bosa’s grandsons.
François Arceneaux Narrator’s great-great grandfather; builder of the house.
Hortense Arceneaux Narrator’s aunt who wills her the house.
Isabelle (Miss Izzy) Arceneaux Vincent’s daughter.
Joe Arceneaux Abraham’s father.
Jules Arceneaux Plantation employee who helps restore the house.
Louis Arceneaux Narrator’s father.
Oscar Arceneaux Plantation employee who helps restore the house.
Philippe Arceneaux Great grandson of Vincent.
Prosper Arceneaux Plantation employee who helps restore the house.
Sam, Charles, Jinsey, Will, Isaac, Prosper, Oscar, Jack, Thomas, Bartley, Simon, Jules, and Abraham Arceneaux Bosa’s great grandsons.
Stephanie Arceneaux Wife of Philippe.
Vincent Arceneaux Brother to François.
Theodore Baryon Accountant at property management office.
Mr. Blanchette Bank manager of new bank in New Orleans.
Albert Carpantier Adele’s brother; general store owner.
Eugenie Carpantier Adele’s mother.
Sarah Carpantier Adele’s youngest sister.
Tempest (Miss Tempy) Carpantier Adele’s grandmother.
Mr. Collins Bank manager in New York.
Isadora Desbois Friend of Justine and Annabelle.
Nathalie Desbois Friend of Justine and Annabelle.
André Ferdinand Son of Laurent.
Annabelle Ferdinand Daughter of Laurent.
Justine Ferdinand Daughter of Laurent.
Laurent Ferdinand Owner of neighboring plantation.
Armand Grenot Owner of the property management company.
Heloise Hermes Friend of Justine and Annabelle.
Mr. Johnson Headmaster.
Belva Ann Lockwood Female presidential candidate in 1884.
Caroline Merrick Asylum board member.
Mr. Oger Bank manager in New Orleans.
Elizabeth Saxon First woman in Louisiana to address a public body; spoke at the Louisiana Constitutional Convention’s Committee on Suffrage.
William Tweed New York City businessman convicted of fleecing the city of millions during several projects.