Executive Marketing Review


Creative Hell

Marketers and designers are always on the look out for new ideas that will make their work stand out and perform well for their client. I created the Creative Hell campaign for Lange Graphics to promote their lenticular printer (art was created by Marty Hallberg). Some companies, such as Disney, spend up to 30% each year on lenticular printing, which is most well known as a treatment for trading cards where the player appears to move as the card is tipped back and forth. This campaign was mailed and emailed to marketing directors and design directors and after form completion, they would receive the comic poster and lenticular card in the mail as a reminder of a unique marketing tool.

The Great Big Book of Things Marketers Say

This campaign was a self-promotion for my agency, Spider Trainers. It was released as a PDF download; a slide deck on SlideShare; an extended series of social posts for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn; and as a case study titled, Using LinkedIn as a B2B Marketing Machine, which is available on Amazon.com. It reached the top 5% of downloads on SlideShare.


Graphic Design


Landing Pages