Spider Trainers, founder

Cyndie is simply a wealth of marketing knowledge. During my work with her at Ashton Tweed, she has advised me on marketing strategies for our newsletters, drip campaign, and website. Cyndie works all hours of the day (she wakes before me and is two time zones behind) and is always quick to respond or to look into an issue. I appreciate how she takes time to educate me in her technologies so that we can speak on a level playing field. Cyndie will really listen to your company’s needs and adapt accordingly. I have and continue to enjoy working with her and truly value her opinions and experiences.

— Kelsey Hoffman, Director of Marketing at Ashton Tweed, Ltd.

Cyndie has always added a little extra to anything she puts her efforts into. Her work is always on time and within budget. Her knowledge and expertise is invaluable and she is a tireless consultant. I would recommend Cyndie highly in any project she takes on.

— William “Merm” Mermelstein, Vice President Business Development
at NEXUS Flight Operations Services

Cyndie is one of the most brilliant marketing minds of our day. Her creativity, ability to see the big picture and set key goals is most impressive. It is obvious she understands the principles of giving and helping others and I’m certain this understanding will benefit her now and years to come.

— Lisa Alexander, The Marketing Stylist™, Professional Speaker

Cyndie is one of the hardest working and most dedicated women that I know. She’s full of enthusiasm and great ideas, and is always reaching for the top. She’s an expert marketer, a star promoter, a cultivated trainer, and a skilled consultant.

— Ben Waldie, Workflow, Automation, Efficiency, and Productivity Expert and Author

Cyndie Shaffstall is a creative, proactive, well educated and strong person who can be trusted. Experienced and great. She has an extensive background, and her open-minded approach could not be overestimated.

— Mary Gay Marchese, Public Relations at Markzware

Cyndie is very proactive and energetic manager, always on the move and extremely well organized. I’ve had many opportunities to observe her in different situations, and she handled them all with timeliness and professionalism. Cyndie will be an asset for any team.

— Luis Diaz, Delivering world-class software solutions on time and on budget

I have worked with Cyndie, the Developer Relations and liaison at Quark. For over 15 years, Cyndie has always assisted Markzware in the many events that both Markzware and Quark North America have enjoyed. Cyndie is a tireless worker, a go-getter, a great communicator, smart and very detail oriented. It has been a pleasure working with Cyndie and I’d recommend her services, professionalism and expertise to anyone.

— Pat Marchese, President / CEO at Markzware

Cyndie Shaffstall is a dynamo–her ability to adapt new technologies, incorporate them in her daily work, and explain them to those less savvy is without comparison. She is passionate, dedicated, bright, and fearless. There is no challenge too large, no colleague too junior for her time and talents. Cyndie is always the most industrious member of the team–I would be proud to work for or with her any day of the week!

— Jennifer Churchill, Public Information Officer at Colorado Division of Wildlife

Cyndie Shaffstall is hands-down the most ambitious and hardest working woman I know. She lives and breathes media and marketing…publishing, online and everything in between. She’s a talented author. She excels in online ventures…she’s able to take a single concept and blow it up into a successful and respected business. If Cyndie doesn’t know something, she wastes no time in learning it…thoroughly.

Cyndie’s passion for technology, success and customer satisfaction is evident in all she does. She has a unique gift in finding the most direct and effective path to produce the most incredible results. If I was in the market for a business partner, Cyndie would be at the top of my list…she comes through every time.

— Darcy Andersen, Senior Solutions Manager at Constant Contact

I really enjoyed working with Cyndie. Her passion and enthusiasm for what she does not only makes her a great colleague to have on your team but ultimately leads to great results. Without hesitation I recommend Cyndie for her experience, knowledge, and drive.

— Scott Allan, Senior Marketing Executive

As a long-time colleague of Cyndie’s, it is nearly impossible for me to list her countless professional accomplishments and qualifications. We worked together at Quark for many years, and she maintained the highest level of professionalism and leadership the entire time.

As a trainer, Cyndie is unequaled. Having gone through many of her training sessions, I can say from personal experience that she is one of the best technical trainers in the industry. Armed with a superb intellect, she is able to quickly grasp complex technical concepts and translate them into workable training sessions for any audience, be they engineers, support personnel, or end users.

Cyndie is a superb manager of projects, people, and time. She is uniquely creative, and sets high standards for the quality of work she and her co-workers produce. The best thing is, as is true of the best leaders, that she leads by example–by exhibiting excellence in her own work, not just telling others, what a quality result is. In her dealings with colleagues and subordinate staff, her door was always open for consultation. Even if she was on her way to a meeting or the airport, she would take time to listen, or set up a later time to meet, or, if a quick decision needed to be made, made it on the spot–taking into consideration many possible ramifications of the decision in a short period of time. If she couldn’t, she would tell you how long it would be before she could think through the issue and get back to you with her decision.

Cyndie always puts the customer/user experience first. Many of the pieces of XTensions software she proposed were based on careful analysis and user feedback. Customers love working with her because they know they can expect the very best result.

As a person, Cyndie is energetic, warm, kind, and great to work with. She interacts well with other team members, and has a great sense of humor –even in the most stressful of times. She also has a lot of insight into people, understands personal motivations, and empathizes with those who ask her for help or assistance.

I would welcome the opportunity to work with Cyndie again.

— Craig Lanning, Senior Quality Assurance Analyst at Focus on the Family

I’ve worked with Cyndie in a variety of capacities, and have always found her to be intelligent, resourceful, reliable, knowledgeable, and effective. If I had a project that I was forced to hand off to someone I could trust, I would have no second thoughts about handing it off to Cyndie.

— Trevor Alyn, Mobile Software Engineer at Deloitte Digital

Cyndie is a detail-oriented entrepreneur of the highest level. For many years, in her roles at Quark and ThePowerXChange, she has supported North Atlantic’s own entrepreneurial endeavors with dedication and professional consistency. Her commitment is extraordinary. She seems to somehow always be available. I have found her to be effective, tenacious and full of initiative.

— Peter J. Baumgartner, President, North Atlantic Publishing Systems, Inc.

I have worked with Cyndie Shaffstall in varied business engagements over the last 10+ years and have always found her to be a highly intelligent, enthusiastic professional. I would highly recommend Cyndie to anyone looking for a strong resource to partner with.

— Jennifer Smith, UX Designer

I have worked with Cyndie for many years and through several projects and companies. Cyndie is the quintessential entrepreneur and embraces the idea that if it needs to get done, do it yourself. Cyndie has managed her companies and her job at Quark completely hands-on. From designing and creating her own and other company sites, to mastering SEO, to developing marketing campaigns from concept to delivery. She brought cohesiveness to a disparate group of thousands of QuarkAlliance members throughout the world and managed this group from contract to co-marketing, and everything in between. Cyndie’s highest priority is to satisfy the customer and to create win-win business enhancing partnership relations. Cyndie has run multiple business from startup to success. I would recommend Cyndie to lead any company or department with great confidence that the job would get done.

— Susan I Friedman, COO at AyaWorks LLC

Cyndie’s tenacious, indefatigable spirit fosters creative thinking and innovation. One would do well to have her breadth of skills in your corner.

— David Leland, President at Digicomp, Inc.

As a developer member of the Quark Alliance, Brainworks Software has worked closely with Cyndie Shaffstall. Specializing in the development of Classified Newspaper Advertising Software in a highly vertical niche market, we have often relied heavily on Cyndie to deliver special products and services from Quark to help us meet our customers special needs. She has always been quick to respond and delivered exactly what we required. I highly recommend Cyndie as a business partner.

— Dale Puckett, Photo and Video Editor at Ham Nation Broadcast on TWIT.TV

In the nearly 20 years I’ve been a member of Quark’s XTensions Developers program (now known as QuarkAlliance), the one constant has been Cyndie Shaffstall, who has kept the program focused on helping us third-party software developers deliver custom solutions to Quark customers despite the changing winds of Quark’s sometimes dysfunctional management and the inherently anarchic nature of developers. Any success Quark can claim in the realm of vertical integration with customers’ needs via third-party solutions is due first and foremost to her influence. By comparison, herding cats is easy.

— Steve Caine, Software Engineer/Consultant

I have known and worked with Cyndie for over 20 years. Over that time I have relied heavily on her industry experience and expertise. She has worked for me as a trainer as well as a consultant, always delivering higher than expect results. In a world that business, process, and technologies are constantly evolving, I know that I can always rely on Cyndie for the right information and guidance to make informed and accurate decisions.

— Steve Ethofer, Software Engineer at Lisle Corporation

I worked with Cyndie in development of a third-party XTensions for QuarkXPress, as well as marketing other XTensions over the years. She is a hard worker, who keeps her finger on the pulse of her clients.

— Philip Van Cleave, President at Virginia Systems

I have had the good fortune to work with Cyndie on several projects with Quark and have been impressed with her superior knowledge and responsiveness. Cyndie is one of the most knowledgeable and talented people I know, but more importantly her dedication and commitment to all projects she is involved in sets the standard.

— Shawn Casey, Business Liaison at CLIMB Wyoming

Cyndie embodies good business. She is a thought leader, entrepreneur, and motivator. I have had the benefit of working with Cyndie for many years. Throughout that time, I have seen her innovative and proactive business spirit in action. She is quick to lend a hand, provide direction, and move an idea into a tangible offering

Cyndie is sharp as a tack, ahead of the curve, great with relationships, and will bring any business she is involved with to a higher level.

— Jeanie Kneeland

Cyndie always tried to think outside the square to find solutions to the problems Quark put in the way to effective distribution.

— Mark Jelic, Dynamics AX Consultant working at Komatsu!

Cyndie Shaffstall is an expert’s expert. The type of person you consult for straight, smart information and ideas. If you need someone with big business experience and entrepreneurial insight you won’t do better than Cyndie.

— Chuck Green, Host at

Cyndie is one of the most active and knowledgeable people I know in the publishing technology arena, has been always great to interact with her at different times during her long career. Two thumbs up!

— Juan Lauro Aguirre, Mass-Media Technology Entrepreneur, CEO of DALAI & Bandari Graphic Services

Quark, Inc., senior director, strategic alliances

I have worked and interacted with Cyndie for a number of years in many difference capacities and she has always been professional, dedicated and focused. Cyndie is very knowledgeable, thorough, and personable! I would have no hesitation in recommending her.

— Carol Becker, Executive Assistant at ViaWest

I had the pleasure of working with Cyndie Shaffstall on several design projects at Quark and she consistently demonstrated exemplary professionalism with passion for excellence. Her entrepreneurial spirit and eagerness to share her wisdom is a formidable and rare combination – one that inspires, champions and achieves exceptional results.

— Jenny Allen, Queen at Mercer & Dibble

I worked with Cyndie Shaffstall in my roles as Regional Sales Director, and Enterprise OEM Partner Director at Quark. Cyndie’s market experience, depth of product knowledge, organizational strength, and entrepreneurial spirit are beyond compare. While performing multiple roles, Cyndie found the time to mentor and educate, helping me to increase the effectiveness and productivity of my team. I highly recommend Cyndie as an executive and a professional.

— Charlie Andrews, Sales Director at Ovitas

I have never known a more hard-working, talented, and dedicated professional than Cyndie Shaffstall. Having had the pleasure of working with her on several projects, I can say, that without a doubt, if you want the job done right, on time and with the utmost professionalism, you can always count on Cyndie. She always delivers on more than her fair share, and in fact, she takes the lead and additionally pitches in wherever help is needed to see the task through to the end. Be assured that when you have Cyndie Shaffstall on your team, it will seem like your project is on “auto-pilot”, guided with confidence and skill unrivaled by few, if any, and admired by many.

— Miki Tolle, Marketing Automation Specialist/Program Manager, Eloqua Product Master and Eloqua RPM Masters Certifications

Since joining Quark in 2004, Cyndie and I have worked together on a number of projects and in each of those she has been a strong contributor. Many people Cyndie is a type A personality, but it’s more true that she delivers on her commitments, regardless the cost in personal time. She works many hours researching and testing new concepts to further promote Quark, Quark software, and the QuarkAlliance programs that she manages. She constantly looks for ways to capitalize on existing or developing new partner relationships to further the reach of a campaign, event, or opportunity.

Cyndie is energized by new challenges, but with 30 years in the industry, she brings extensive and varied experience to ensure that new approaches are truly new and that we learn from tried methods. For these reasons, I personally and professionally endorse Cyndie for any project she chooses to get involved in.

— Timothy Banister, Senior Engagement Manager at Deloitte Digital

Cyndie is always, always ready to innovate and deliver — on whatever she sets her mind to accomplish. Countless times, Cyndie has gone above and beyond to help me develop my market and win new business. Her depth of knowledge about our industry is unparalleled, and she’s a great resource to know and work with. I’ll partner with her any time.

— Chris Edwards, Experienced Executive in K-20 Education Technology + Services

Cyndie is the definition of the entrepreneurial spirit. She puts her drive and independent nature into light speed when it comes to getting to most out of all business opportunities presented to her. Profitability, marketability, and pure business acumen are all second nature to Cyndie. There’s no greater asset than someone who always treats her employer’s business as her own.

— Jay Wortham, Sr. Manager of Support Center Operations at Harland Financial Solutions

ThePowerXChange, founder

I’ve known Cyndie for roughly 20 years now and have always been incredibly impressed with her drive, dedication and that she just gets things done. While her resume is impressive enough, the fact is she’s successfully founded multiple businesses that have made an impact on the publishing industry, which puts her in a very select group of people.

— LaMonte M. Forthun, IT Professional with Development, Sales, Marketing, Writing, and Customer Service Experience

There are people who are talkers and people who are doers. Cyndie gets things done. She knows her stuff and is relentless in seeing things through the right way. And she does this with a smile and a sense of humor. Cyndie is a pleasure to work with.

— Brian Berson, CEO/Founder at FileThis, Inc.

Cyndie achieves results, adding value to relationships with customers and partners. She’s an innovative, forward-thinking entrepreneur. Every time I work with Cyndie, I’m always impressed with what she delivers. From individual projects to longer-term programs, she’s a huge asset.

— Christopher Smith, President at American Graphics Institute

As president of ThePowerXChange, Cyndie Shaffstall has been a leader in the marketing, promotion, and customer adoption of XTensions and Plug-ins world-wide. I began working with her in the late 80s when she first left the world of print and traditional type and became a consultant for publishing and print companies making the transition to desktop. Cyndie continues to tirelessly promote extensible technology through her position with Quark as the director of the QuarkAlliance program; supporting thousands of developers. Cyndie’s marketing expertise and market knowledge helped to position ALAP products as the top-selling QuarkXPress XTensions in the world; and her understanding of my company was instrumental in Quark’s acquisition of ALAP in 2005. I confidently recommend Cyndie as a leader, creator, and innovator. Her books, articles, and video content continue to build and promote this industry to the benefit of both the small developer and the large software companies for which these products are created.

— Paul Schmitt, President PalaSoftware

Cyndie is a person who moves forward on every project she undertakes with enthusiasm and is one of the most knowledgeable person in the publishing industry. After two decades of being an author, business owner and now in her position with Quark, Inc., Cyndie is definitely someone “in the know” who shares her knowledge with anyone who needs it. I love working with her.

— Tami Stodghill, Press Relations at XChange UK and XChange US


Cyndie Shaffstall