Glyphs: The Scribe (paperback)


Glyphs: The Scribe (paperback)

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A new historical fiction by Cyndie Shaffstall explores the ideas surrounding the origin of the Wira gods long before Peru was conquered by the Inka. Adult content.

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Ancient astronaut theorists suggest visitors from other planets inhabited South America long before the Inka conquered Peru, and recent DNA testing on elongated skulls found there, confirms they are not human. Regardless of his origin, Wiraqucha, the creator god, loves and will not destroy the people or empire he has created—as did Paricia before him.

In Cyndie Shaffstall’s new historical fiction—based upon the legends of the Inka and the Wira, and the theories of modern-day scientists—Wiraqucha, appoints others to watch over his creations so he can continue his explorations. After one hundred years, those honored as gods are returning to their home in the heavens and the people of the Wira Empire will be without the daily presence of those they believe protect them.

As the scribe records history for their descendants, Pascac, son of Inti, the sun god, leads some to Sacsayhuamán, the sanctuary overlooking Qusqu—the capital city built by the god of civilization, Manqu Qhapaq.

Despite their will to live and prosper, those things may not be within the grasp of the new settlers. Supay, the god of death, and other gods rage against them—seemingly intent upon wiping out the entire civilization and those who rule them.

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