Seed Money (paperback)


Seed Money (paperback)

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A new book by Cyndie Shaffstall takes the reader through a worldwide conspiracy that includes corruption and deception in a time where trystrooms have provided an outlet for the sexually frustrated workforce. Adult content.

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By 2062, we’ve made a real mess of things. Though engineers, inventors, and business people alike scrambled to develop a solution before we were completely wiped out by an irradiated atmosphere, global warming reduced our inhabited space by half. The chosen solution became a temporary fix at best as it was burdened by the weight of unchecked population growth.

With our workplace neutered by the Genderless Act, frustration grew and we came to embrace trystrooms where anything goes, everything is enjoyed, and it’s all kept secret by the Privacy Act.

Today, innovation and businesses thrive in an environment where unemployment and poverty have been eliminated, due largely to the Government Reorganization and Realignment Effort. Business fostered by the GRRE enables one group of brilliant young designers to reclaim some of the ever-shrinking space—but bringing their concept to market exposes manipulation and corruption on a devastating, worldwide scale.

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